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it's more than

just a rebrand, or a new website.

it's a reset.

a new beginning

that will take your brand to the places you have always dreamed of, that will give you the fresh start you crave, that will bring your business a foundation of peace you may have been missing.

here's the thing...

about emma rose

Image by Ýlona María Rybka

hi. im emma rose. owner and designer for emrose creative. i live in seattle, washington with my partner and cats. on an average day you can find me taking a walk in my neighborhood, brewing some herbal tea, and dreaming up my next camping trip or vegan recipe.

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i wanted to share all of that first because i think it's important for us to get to know one another.

i want to work with people and businesses who are sensitive and creative, compassionate and empathetic.

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Blue Flower

the reality is that owning a business is hard work, and you need partners in your corner who can value your business like you do. i want to offer you branding and design skills, my knowledge of the customer experience, AND empathy, understanding, and compassion. 

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that you stopped by my corner of the internet means the world to me. i hope to connect soon.

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